Booking the Tour

Does a family ticket cover my family of 5?

No, the Family Ticket admits 4 people. If you are booking for a family of 5 or more please book the family ticket and then any additional tickets required separately.

Will the Forbidden Forest be suitable for children?

Yes. We've scaled down the scares this year to ensure the event is Family Friendly. Our actors and guides will access the scare tolerance of each group and tailor their performances to suit however this is a Halloween event and there will be frights and thrills along the way. Therefore while there is no minimum age to attend and every child is different, we think children aged 4 and up should be able to handle the spooks and scares they'll encounter. The onus is on you as parent/guardian to access the suitability of the event for your child and adequately prepare them for the thrills and spills ahead. All under 16's must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Is the Forbidden Forest a kids only Event?

The tour isn't just for kids, we think that there's something in the Forbidden Forest for everyone, no matter what your age! Our actors and guides will access the scare tolerance of groups and tailor their performances to suit

Do I have to book in advance?

Booking is strictly required in advance and must be done via our website. Any problems please contact us at info@theforbiddenforest.co.uk.

How far in advance do I need to book?

In order to get your preferred date and times we would advise booking as soon as possible and our booking system is now open.

If I have to cancel my booking will I get my payment back?

Unfortunately all payments are non-refundable so please ensure you are happy with your slot before you finalise it.

Can I change my booking?

Again please ensure you are happy with your slot as it will be difficult to amend once you have chosen a slot. We are only open for a number of nights in advance of Halloween so this limits the flexibility we have in terms of offering other slots.

Will I receive a ticket?

After you book you will receive a confirmation of payment from PayPal. You don't need to bring anything with you on the night, simply arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled departure and register with our volunteers who will have all your booking details.

Can the Forest cater for larger groups?

We can cater for groups of up to 20 people in any one of our slots. However, please book as early as possible to get as many of your group out as you can into the Forbidden Forest at the same time. We will have slots leaving at regular intervals every 15 minutes so even if you all cannot participate in the same slot there will be other tours following closely behind.

Can those with special needs attend the Forest?

We sincerely welcome all members of the Community up for the challenge to the Forbidden Forest and we will do all we can to make it a straightforward though eventful experience for all. We aim to make the mysteries and horrors of the Forbidden Forest accessible to all. We do ask you to take responsibility in assessing that the frights of the tour are appropriate for you and that they will not cause you any issues.


Do you have insurance?

Yes, all activities and facilities offered onsite are covered by Public Liability Insurance.

Will I have to sign an insurance waiver before doing activities onsite?

All participants will indeed have to sign an insurance waiver before entering the Forest and ensure it is returned to one of the volunteers on the night.

Can I enter the Forest if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

Our volunteers at the Forbidden Forest are not medically qualified and therefore we cannot assess if a member of the public is able to participate in our tour. We ask you to assess your own condition or speak to your doctor before entering the Forbidden Forest to ensure it is the right choice for you and will not cause you any issues either during or after the event.

Can I participate in the available activities if I am pregnant?

Again we would ask that you make the assessment yourself or if in doubt again speak to your doctor before entering the Forbidden Forest.If you decide to proceed, you will need to declare that you are pregnant and sign a disclaimer informing us of this fact.


Will toilets be available?

Toilets will be available at the Rowan Tree Centre in Pomeroy from which the event will be starting and finishing.

Is there somewhere onsite to store my personal belongings while doing the tour of the Forest?

We strongly recommend that you do not bring personal valuables on the night. Volunteers on the night may be able to hold your possessions but these are very much left at your own risk and we cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur.

What catering facilities will be available?

Included in every ticket is the option of a hotdog or burger and a drink, which will be served after the tour. There will also be the option to purchase additional food and drinks.

Can I bring my own food/drink?

Yes - if you arrive early at the Rowan Tree Centre there will be facilities to eat in advance of the expedition into the Forbidden Forest. Alcoholic beverages should not be consumed in advance of or during the tour.

The Tour

What is the price for the tour?

The ticket price is £9.50 per person and includes The Forbidden Forest Trail, The Vortex tunnel, a hotdog or burger & drink with a few tricks and treats along the way. There are no hidden extras on the night. There is also the option to purchase a family ticket for four people at the discounted price of £35.

What are the time slots for the tour?

Tours run every 15 minutes from 6.30pm to 10pm each night, however please check the booking section of the website for remaining availability.

What time do I need to arrive at the RowanTree Centre?

It is advisable that you arrive at least 15 to 30 minutes prior to the time of your slot. We will have a team of volunteers to welcome you and make you comfortable in advance of the tour.

What if we arrive late?

If you arrive late we may not be able to send you out on a later tour though we will try to accommodate as best we can on subsequent tours. However, this cannot be guaranteed.

How long will the tour take?

The Forbidden Forest Trail is just under 1km long. The tour will take around 45 minutes to complete however we recommend you allow at least 1.5 hrs for your visit.

What should I wear?

We would love our visitors to get into the Halloween spirit and dress up, however this is an entirely outdoor event and so please wear appropriate footwear and be prepared for the weather. Bad weather will undoubtedly add to the atmosphere but appropriate clothing in anticipation of bad weather will make the tour far more enjoyable from your perspective.

Is the path suitable for a buggy?

Yes, the path is suitable for buggies however the onus is on parents/guardians to access the suitability of the event for young children before purchasing tickets.

Can I bring a mobile phone/camera/camcorder/ipad?

Yes, you can bring recording devices though out of courtesy to other participants in the tour we would ask that your mobile be on silent so as not to detract from the atmosphere that will build as the tour progresses. We have enough frights planned without unexpected mobile phone calls adding to the terror of those already in suspense.